Dodik: I am not happy that we lost Banja Luka

The president of the SNDS, Milorad Dodik, says that he is sad because the mayor of Banja Luka will not be from the ranks of the party he leads.

Foto: Depositphotos/Ale_Mi
Foto: Depositphotos/Ale_Mi

"I am not happy and I am sad that we lost Banja Luka on the mayor position," Dodik said.

"Radojicic did a good job, I am not happy that we lost Banja Luka. The citizens decided and that is how it is," he states.

According to him, the SNSD has grown in relation to the last elections in Banja Luka.

"We are disappointed with the fact and we will talk about it because the coalition partners did not play correctly," Dodik said, adding that the loss of Banja Luka for the SNSD is not a small blow.

As for other municipalities and cities, Dodik said that so far they have had 40 mayors, and that after these elections they will have 41.

He said that the number of SNSD votes would be higher and he was sorry that Miĉo Miĉiĉ did not win in Bijeljina.

"These were fair and correct elections and that is the most important thing. It is illogical to have 60 percent in Banja Luka with coalition partners, and the mayor lost," Dodik concluded.

We remind you that the candidate of the opposition PDP for the mayor of Banja Luka, Draško Stanivukoviĉ, declared victory in the local elections.


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