Unprecedented course of events in Montenegro: "I try not to shed a tear" VIDEO/PHOTO

Despite announcing that consultative session of Montenegrin Assembly could be interrupted immediately after the verification of the mandate, that did not happen

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Foto: Tanjug/AP Photo/Risto Bozovic
Foto: Tanjug/AP Photo/Risto Bozovic

It should be reiterated that because the leaders of the opposition parties that won the most votes in the Montenegrin parliamentary elections failed to reach an agreement for days on who will be the president of the Assembly and who will be the prime minister, Podgorica's Vijesti received confirmation that the session will be interrupted.

However, immediately after the report of the State Election Commission was read, a controversy began among the deputies of those coalitions that could not agree on the leading people of the state.

First, a member of the Democratic Front, who is part of the Coalition "For the Future of Montenegro", said that he wanted to let everyone know that his party will not be the one that obstructed the formation of the government and that it will support Aleksa Becic for president of the Montenegrin Parliament, and Zdravko Krivokapić as the prime minister-designate for the composition of the new government.

"We support Zdravko Krivokapic as prime minister-designate in order to eliminate all suspicions that Serbs are the ones who will obstruct the formation of the government. We are not interested in seats, but only in the future of Montenegro", MP of Democratic Front Milan Knezevic said.

Then, Dritan Abazović from the Black and White Coalition addressed the deputies and the chairman. "What was announced from the coalition For the Future of Montenegro is acceptable. As far as I am concerned, it is acceptable. If the business forms allow, we can start the election for the president of the assembly and the prime minister-designate. Good luck to us", he said.

Finally, the mentioned Bečić appeared, who said that the new government would be pro-Western, pro-Montenegrin, and above all, truly conciliatory. "I understood, both Knezevic and Abazovic ... The agreement is building a house. The power belongs to the one who has more than 41 deputies, and I believe that we will have more, which will be shown by the end of the day. As for Democratic Montenegro, "if they think that we should formalize the agreement for the president and sign the proposal for Professor Krivokapic to be the prime minister-designate, we will do that," Becic said.

It turned out that the leaders of the opposition heard from each other in the parliament that they would support each other, and that the Assembly could get a president, and Montenegro a prime minister-designate for the composition of the new government.

"Da bismo eliminisali sumnje da će Srbi izdati, odmah predlažemo da gospodin Aleksa Bečić bude predsjednik Skupštine, a...

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The session continued, Becic is a candidate for the President of the Assembly

DPS MP Milos Nikolic said that the party would "have a neutral position" regarding the proposal for Becic to be the president of the Assembly.

"We will not vote for Becic, but also we will not vote against it," Nikolic said.

The Prime Minister designate appointed during the break

Zdravko Krivokapić will be the prime minister designate for the composition of the new government of Montenegro, the deputies of the three coalitions have just decided.

The Democrats announced that on their Twitter profile, where they presented a paper with the signatures of all MPs who will support Krivokapić.

Krivokapić: "I try not to shed a tear"

Foto: Tanjug/AP Photo/Risto Bozovic
Foto: Tanjug/AP Photo/Risto Bozovic

Holder of the list "For the future of Montenegro", Zdravko Krivokapić, said that the perception that Bishop Joanikije and Metropolitan Amfilohije were there to shape the government in Montenegro was wrong.

"At no time did they mention names, we all tried to reach an agreement and find the right measure of agreement," Krivokapic told reporters in the Montenegrin Parliament on the occasion of yesterday's meeting in Ostrog.

He also said that the new government will not divide the citizens.

"You can see that anything can be done. I think that this time, too, the people said what they thought. It is not the personal party or anyone's interest that matters, the interest of this people is important. If we look at it that way, Montenegro must be different, we must all give our contribution to both the government and the opposition", Krivokapic told reporters in the Parliament of Montenegro.

Krivokapić also said that it is not necessary to outdo the parties, but to look for the best solution for all citizens, and not for individuals or parties.

"The goal is to build Montenegro, which will be a shining example in the region. The only advantage of a small state is that it can be the richest", stated Krivokapić.

In 50 days of politics, he says, he has learned that the only rule is that there are no rules.

"The first principle of action will be - we do not plunder our country. It is an obligation for Montenegro to look like Luxembourg", Krivokapić concluded.

Abazovic: "We have no special requirements"

Abazovic told reporters that the Black and White Coalition has no special requirements, but that he expects that there will be no "senseless people" appointed in the sectors related to national security.

When asked who those people are, Abazović said that it is quite known to whom he refers.

"We need a lot of wisdom, we are not only responsible to our voters but to all citizens," Abazovic said.

He said that he would like the holder of the list of the coalition For the Future of Montenegro, Zdravko Krivokapić, to form the best government.

Asked whether churches and monasteries are a suitable place for negotiations and whether it is fine for religious dignitaries to attend the agreements on the formation of the Assembly and the government, Abazovic said that they are.

"I was surprised when I heard certain opinions that coincide with the party I represent, the opinions which are 100 percent civil," said Abazovic.


Montenegro one step closer to a new government

A consultative meeting of Parliament Speaker Ivan Brajovic with representatives of electoral lists with parliamentary status held in the Montenegrin Parliament

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