These are the final results of the elections in Montenegro PHOTO

The State Election Commission of Montenegro has determined the final results of the parliamentary elections in Montenegro, which were held on August 30th

Source: Vijesti
Foto: Depositphotos/ natanaelginting
Foto: Depositphotos/ natanaelginting

According to the official results of the parliamentary elections, the coalition "Decisively for Montenegro! DPS - Milo Djukanovic" won 30 seats, the coalition "For the Future of Montenegro" 27, the coalition "Peace is our nation" ten, and the platform "Black and White" four seats.

The Social Democrats and the Bosniak Party will have three deputies each, and the SDP two.

The Albanian list "Nik Gjeloshaj-Genci Nimanbegu" and the coalition "Unanimously" will have one representative each.


Health system collapse in Montenegro

All capacities have been filled in the General Hospital in Niksic, which is a COVID center for the northwestern part of Montenegro, it was announced last night.

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