Three majority lists in Montenegro signed agreement, what about Kosovo? VIDEO / PHOTO

Holders of the three lists that won the majority in the elections - Zdravko Krivokapic, Aleksa Becic and Dritan Abazovic signed a new agreement

Source: B92, Vijesti, Tanjug
Foto: Deposit/xload
Foto: Deposit/xload

It promised that the new government would not launch any initiatives or procedures to change the state flag, coat of arms and anthem.

The agreement will be presented at a press conference.

The leaders of the coalitions "For the Future of Montenegro", "Peace is our nation" and "Black and white", which won the necessary majority in the elections to form a government, signed the agreement yesterday.

The agreement states that the new democratic government in Montenegro will responsibly implement all international obligations undertaken by the state, strengthen and improve cooperation with NATO and quickly, fully and committedly implement all reforms necessary for Montenegro's full membership in the EU.

"That the new democratic government will completely depoliticize key government institutions in order to ensure an uncompromising fight against crime and corruption. That the new democratic government will respect the Constitution and will not initiate any initiatives or procedures to change the state flag, coat of arms and anthem." it has been specified in the Agreement.

Also, it is added, the new government will not initiate the procedure for withdrawing the recognition of Kosovo's independence.

The new government, as stated, will not conduct revanchism on political or any other basis, will adopt and revise all laws in line with European standards with the aim of faster integration of Montenegro into the EU and will allow minority parties to participate in government, regardless of their parliamentary status.

The leaders of the three winning coalitions in the parliamentary elections in Montenegro announced that the expert government would be formed by October 1 at the latest, presented its principles and said that all minority parties, including others, were welcome.

The basic principle of the new government will be the fight against corruption and organized crime, said the leaders of the coalition For the Future of Montenegro, Peace is Our Nation and Black and White, Zdravko Krivokapic, Aleksa Becic and Dritan Abazovic at a press conference.

When asked directly whether he will be the president or the prime minister of Montenegro, Krivokapic said that the names were discussed, that all options were considered, but he did not want to give more details.

They said that the new government will not launch any initiatives or procedures with the goal of changing the state flag, coat of arms and anthem.

When it comes to the disputed Law on Freedom of Religion, Krivokapic said that the law is not part of the Agreement, but that he thinks it is completely clear that no one has anything against it being passed, and that the only problem is that the adopted law endangers the Church's property.

"The one who endangers property and does not provide the most important right to freedom has shown what that means," Krivokapic said.

Becic said that the Agreement in itself speaks more than any of their statements.

"The agreement is the best response to all attempts to subvert, manipulate, create tensions and divisions. It is a confirmation that the new democratic government will be pro-European, pro-Western, pro-Montenegrin, civil. Ready to serve Montenegro and its citizens. There is no change but only strengthening the foreign policy path of Montenegro", Bečić pointed out.

He pointed out that we will respect the Constitution, and on the other hand, with our outstretched hand towards minority peoples, we will show that our goal is not only to strengthen the European and Euro-Atlantic path, but also civil Montenegro.

Abazovic said the future government would have the support of the international community.

"The future government must dedicate itself to the economic situation in the country. Great economic and social challenges, accumulated problems, empty coffers, the fight against corruption and crime await us. The future government has the task of devoting itself to these issues to the fullest extent."

He pointed out that with the new government, every manipulation of the DPS dies.

"We are determined to implement reconciliation and deal with the issues that burden the citizens of Montenegro the most," Abazovic said.

Krivokapic also said that the new government is preparing for the worst-case scenario when it comes to the economy.

"60 percent of oil goes beyond legal flows, you can conclude how much money it is. We have to introduce new measures," Krivokapic said.

He said he thought the expert would head the government.

The new government, he pointed out, will be transparent and no information should be secret.


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