"They are planning riots and incidents on the election day"

The police have operational data that some individuals and groups are planning incidents and riots on the parliamentary election day in Montenegro.

Source: B92
Ilustration/Deposit photos/wellsie82
Ilustration/Deposit photos/wellsie82

The Director of Montenegrin Police Department, Veselin Veljović, stated this today.

„Our data indicate that these people, through social media and other channels, advocate other citizens to cause riots and disturb public order during the voting and after closing the polling stations“, it is said in the statement.

He stated that the police in every city will act decisively and responsibly. „Those who try to act destructively, cause civil instability and violate legal regulations, will be prevented from it and held accountable. I call on citizens to all share the responsibility and preserve the civic and civilizational values of the social community, as a common good and interest of each individual and family“, said Veljović.


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