Storm roared in Croatia; Floods, whirlwind, unhooked boats

Strong storm, followed by rain, storm wind and whirlwind, hit most of Croatia on Tuesday night.

Source: B92, Tanjug
Ilustration: Deposit photos/jctabb
Ilustration: Deposit photos/jctabb

In many cities, the streets are flooded, vessels in the Adriatic were torn from berths and swirling wind damaged several houses.

In Požega, heavy rain flooded dozens of streets, houses and commercial facilities and institutions.

As Hina reports, there were more than 50 interventions and communal services, road companies and police officers trying to mitigate and repair the consequences of the storm.

After short interruptions in the power suply, the malfunctions were repaired.

The storm also hit the area of Vitrovitica-Podravina county and Dalmatia, where many, who were at the sea, asked for help.

In the Split-Dalmatia county, whirlwind roared, damaging several houses and trees.


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