"The Croatian war was a just war" VIDEO

On the eve of the 25th anniversary of Operation "Storm", Croatian President Zoran Milanovic presented decorations to generals of the Croatian Army in Knin.

Source: Tanjug, index.hr

"It is a great thing that, I believe, tomorrow, in these days of gathering, our society will be wider. 25 years after the war, it is my honor to decorate Croatian units from Bosnia-Herzegovina as well. That is our debt of honor," Milanovic said.

What, as he said, he can say with deep human conviction is that the wars are over and that Croatia won those wars.

"The Croatian war was a just war. And like any war, it was hard and bloody," Milanovic said.

He presented the decisions on decorating the Order of King Petar Krešimir IV with a ribbon to retired generals of Croatian Army (HV) for outstanding contribution to the creation of war strategy and military doctrine, merits in building the Armed Forces and for personal success in leading and commanding units of the Armed Forces. And decisions on decorating the Order of Nikola Šubić Zrinski with the HVO Guards Brigades and the Special Police of the Ministry of the Interior for the heroism of their members in the Homeland War.

Before awarding the decorations, retired General Ante Gotovina addressed the gathered, who, among other things, said that a lot of time had passed since the end of the war, but it was never too late to do good, to do justice.

"Dear friends, with our courage and selfless commitment to the homeland at that fateful time for our people, together we all built a Croatian army ready and able to defend ourselves, end the imposed war and create preconditions for lasting peace," Gotovina said, as Croatian portal Index reports.


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