Montenegro has set the condition for opening the border with Serbia

Montenegrin Ambassador to Serbia stated that it's necessary to reduce the number of patients in Serbia from 4.000 to 2.000 to be allowed to travel to Montenegro

Source: RTCG

He reiterated that citizens from countries with up to 25 patients per 100.000 inhabitants are allowed to enter, and in order for Serbia to enter the list of countries with such a ratio, it is necessary that "the number of patients be reduced to 2.000."

He believes that will soon change, as well as that the tourists from Serbia will travel to this country.

Milosevic explains that Montenegro has set standards for countries whose citizens are allowed to enter Montenegro, which amount to - 25 infected people per 100.000 inhabitants.

For now, under these circumstances, Serbia does not meet those standards, so that the citizens of Serbia cannot travel to Montenegro.

"Since there are a lot of dilemmas, to be completely clear, people who have their own companies, and who do business in Montenegro, can enter Montenegro, under certain conditions (self-isolation). It does not have to be in a strict space. "One can move from his/her company to the facility where he/she is accommodated. Also, people who have family members in Montenegro, who take care of them, people who need attention, we take care of that," he said.

Milosevic explains that the necessary permits for those categories of citizens are issued by the National Coordination Body, RTCG reports.

"Citizens of Serbia address the Embassy, ​​and it sends that request to the National Coordination Body, which gives permission, and then one day, or two days a week are set for entering Montenegro. This is necessary in order to organize a convoy for people to enter to destinations where those accommodation centers are", Milosevic concluded.

When asked to specify the role of the convoy, he explained that if 40 or 50 people report, they should be placed in quarantine, and in order for the procedure to be simple, the state organized the convoys.

With these convoys, the citizens are escorted to specially designated facilities for such a purpose, which have been determined by the Government of Montenegro.

"I would like to clarify something else. The citizens of Montenegro, who live in Serbia, and who go to Montenegro, must go to quarantine. If I left, I would also have to go to quarantine. People go into self-isolation, who are younger than 11, older than 70, people who accompany a family member who was treated in Serbia, or those who come to attend to funerals, they stay for a day or two and return to Serbia", Milosevic explains.

"People who go on business are obliged to say which company is in question, where they work and where they will be accommodated. On that route: work-residence, their movement is allowed. Tourists from Serbia, for now, cannot enter Montenegro," the Ambassador of Montenegro to Serbia emphasizes.

"I would like the citizens of Serbia to be able to enter Montenegro, and I would like it to happen soon. But here's the point. Serbia currently has about 4.400 people who are infected, and the figure is about the same as if comparing 25 to 100.000, it means 2.000 people. Since there are 460 people in hospitals, there are about 4.000 people left. If a test were done in Serbia, in two to three days, I guarantee that Serbia would meet the conditions prescribed in that way", Milosevic said.

He said that Slovenia did the largest number of tests, but that "Serbia is approaching that figure".

"We are talking about the number of infected people here. Serbia has done three times more tests than Bulgaria, and Bulgaria has twice as many infected people, and it meets the standards for entry. The largest number of tourists come from France, Italy and Great Britain (whose citizens are also barred from entering).

The criterion was set by the Institute of Public Health, and it was said that it would be analyzed every seven days, when some other parameters that could affect this would be discussed", he pointed out.


"Montenegro opens border with Serbia on Monday"

Serbian Ambassador to Montenegro Vladimir Bozovic expressed hope that normal movement between Serbia and Montenegro would be established as of Monday, June 22

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