"There is a prayer revolution in Montenegro, ending with the collapse of the regime"

Political analyst Dragoljub Andjelkovic thinks there has been a peaceful "prayer" revolution going on in Montenegro

Source: Tanjug
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/xload
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/xload

Andjelkovic believes that the revolution will sooner or later end in the overthrow of the ruling regime and the democratic revival of that country.

"Djukanovic is used to not asking people anything, but it seems the time has come for him to be delivered a bill for such behaviour," Andjelkovic said in an interview with today's "Vecernje Novosti".

He also believes that "the Djukanovic cartel struck at a still alive historically grounded national being of Montenegro".

According to him, when the attempt to abduct SPC sanctuaries, which were embedded in the souls of most citizens who declare themselves Serbs and Montenegrins, started its "tearing down", it spontaneously resembled what happened in the Czech Republic in 1989, a kind of national revolution.

"As the Velvet Revolution has begun in Prague, the Prayer Revolution is taking place in Montenegro. I am convinced that it will sooner or later end as it did in the Czechoslovak collapse of the totalitarian regime and the democratic rebirth of Montenegro," Andjelkovic concluded.

He believes that the Montenegrin regime has crossed the red line, which has a sacred character for most citizens.

The analyst also estimates that Djukanovic is aware that his regime can only survive in conditions of creating major divisions and tensions.

"That is why there has been a rift among citizens for a long time and he creates an abnormal situation in the Montenegrin society", Andjelkovic notes.

He also believes that Djukanovic does not genuinely care about the new Montenegrin identity that he imposes based on "the grossest discrimination against Serbs", but that it is a "dirty rule of government", and his successes so far have deluded him and inspired him to move on with "systemic madness".

It is his response for all the problems that Montenegro has faced with, Andjelkovic concluded.


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