EU launches proceedings against Austria, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary over Balkans

European Commission launches proceedings against Austria, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary for breaching the agreement

Source: Tanjug

The proceedings were initiated because the mentioned countries have entered into an agreement with five Southeast European countries on the automatic exchange of DNA data, fingerprints and the car registry.

As Austrian media report, this is an agreement initiated by Austria, aiming at strengthening police cooperation with the Western Balkans, in order to combat cross-border crime.

The European Commission has justified the initiation of the procedure by saying that only the EU has the competence to exchange such information and data.

Therefore, the agreement concluded with the Western Balkan countries is considered a violation of the EU's exclusive competences.

Austria's then interior minister, Herbert Kickl, described the agreement as "a huge step forward in the fight against organized crime, terrorism, extremism and human trafficking."


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