U.S. Senator sends message to Montenegro: Your enemy is our enemy

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham said in Podgorica that forces undermining Montenegro's joining NATO Alliance have to be defeated on 2020 Parliamentary elections

Source: Sputnik
Foto: Mehaniq/Depositphotos/Ilustracija
Foto: Mehaniq/Depositphotos/Ilustracija

U.S. Congressional delegation is visiting Montenegro headed by Senator Lindsey Graham, who said that the forthcoming elections will present a major test to Montenegro, and will be "closely monitored" worldwide, as Sputnik carried out.

Montenegro’s next parliamentary Elections 2020 will be a test for both EU and US of whether Montenegro is firmly an established democracy. “Forces that want to undermine Montenegro’s efforts on its path to democracy and that undermine efforts towards its path to NATO are also forces working against us. And it is important that we defeat them here, not only for the future of Montenegro but also for the future of the entire region,” Graham said.

This message of the U.S. Sentor was "particularly sinister when it comes to that part of Montenegrin society and opposition that opposed Montenegro's entering NATO", Sputnik announced, adding that this was a message to them that the main American interest in Montenegro is that those forces cannot at any cost win the elections, or come to power, as well as that the 2020 elections will prove whether "democracy will rule in Montenegro forever".

Analyst Bosko Vukicevic expressed opinion that such messages passed by the Senator of South Caroline to Montenegro yesterday would be considered a threat to the sovereignty in any civilized country, resulting in a sort of diplomatic breach of conduct due to U.S. Senators' interference in the Montenegrin internal affairs.


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