Massacre in Zagreb: Committed suicide after murdering six people, baby spared VIDEO

In Kajzerica district within New Zagreb, six family members were killed on Thursday, while Zagreb police confirmed that the murderer committed suicide

Source: B92, Jutarnji list,
Foto: Tanjug/FaH/ Damir Sencar/ bk
Foto: Tanjug/FaH/ Damir Sencar/ bk

"In the course of the crime scene investigation, the police located him in Brezovica. He committed suicide during arrest", Zagreb portal "Index" reports.

"Jutarnji list" noted that six members of the same family got killed, the only survivor being a seven-month old baby.

According to "Jutarnji list" findings, jealousy is being mentioned as the main motive of this horrible crime.

The victims are two men, three women, and a ten-year-old child. The baby was not hurt, the police reported.

After the murder, an extensive pursuit for the man who committed the crime was conducted on the territory of Croatia, while he was located around 4 am in the Brezovica area, where he committed suicide.


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