"Storm" in Montenegrin Parliament over the scandal with Angela Merkel

During the debate, the Montenegrin Parliament discussed the health of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and how it could affect the Western Balkan EU integration

Source: Radio Free Europe

It is being referred to in public as a diplomatic scandal, at least, as the most clumsily worded political stance, Radio Free Europe reports.

Namely, on July 26, during a discussion on European integrations, MP Divanovic mentioned German Chancellor, talking about European leaders. "We need not remind anyone of Angela Merkel's trembling incidents, which could be regarded as Weltschmerz today, but I doubt it will provoke any empathy nowadays. The goal is to present Merkel as a strong leader and as the EU's chief sponsor and banker," DPS MP said.

MP of Democratic Front Branka Bosnjak responded to this statement. "It is very incorrect to compare Angela Merkel's trembling to that of Europe, that is, of Germany. I know that you are offended that she did not want to receive your party president (Milo Djukanovic) for a long time, and when she received him last time, she gave him certain tasks to accomplish", said Bosnjak.

However, neither DPS or the speaker of the parliament had dissociated itself from this failed metaphor, RFE reports.

Moreover, RFE sent a letter to the German Embassy in Podgorica on Monday, requesting comment on the speech of the Social Democrat Party MP Nikola Divanovic, who discussed health of the German chancellor during a parliamentary debate. However, as they said, they got no response from the Embassy.


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