Vienna: Three Serbians starve to death

The autopsies of the body of a woman and her twin daughters found in an apartment in Vienna earlier in the week showed that they had died of starvation.

Source: Tanjug

An Austrian police spokesman said that the three women, of Serbian decent, appear to have starved to death.

The police believe they died between the end of March and the beginning of April.

"The toxicological investigation showed no poisoning. A detailed analysis will be conducted in the coming weeks," the spokesperson said, adding that the women lived in isolation and that no food was found in the apartment.

A friend of the family had alerted the police, saying that something must have happened to her friend, because she had not seen her for a long time.

Although there are no traces of violence were found on the body of the 45-year-old mother and her 18-year-old daughters, the police have launched an investigation into the possibility that the deaths were violent.

The mother and her daughters in the past fled their home three times from their violent husband and father, taking shelter in a safe house.

The couple has since divorced, with that man moving out of the apartment. The woman, named as Vesna M., was left alone with her disabled daughters.


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