"If Kosovo joins the UN, RS will invoke this right"

If self-proclaimed Kosovo joins the UN, the Serb Republic (RS, Serb entity in Bosnia) will invoke this right, says Milorad Dodik.

Source: Tanjug

The chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) believes that Croats in that country, too, "certainly would not miss this opportunity to break away from BiH."

"I think that if there is such a constellation, the Croats will not miss the opportunity to separate themselves from BiH. Then the question would remain, who would stay there," Dodik, a former RS president, told Serbian broadcaster RTS.

The post 1992-95 war Bosnia-Herzegovina is made up of the Serb, and the Muslim-Croat (FBiH) entities.

Dodik recalled that the RS, immediately after Kosovo unilaterally declared independence (in 2008), declared in the National Assembly a decision that, if Kosovo enters the UN, Serbs have the right to separate from BiH.

"It's written in our resolution dated ten years ago," Dodik said, adding that such a scenario - separation from BiH by the political will of the people, is imaginable without a war.

As he said, Bosniaks (Muslims) don't want it now - "but in time they will understand that it's best for them to have a territory that they can perspectively manage and exercise authority in."

According to him, Kosovo is an all-Serb issue.

"In the state sense, this is Serbia's issue, but in terms of national understanding and experience of that issue, it is universal," Dodik said, adding that a Serb does not exist who has no opinion on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija.


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