Macedonian parliament changes state's name

The Macedonian parliament on Friday carried constitutional amendments changing the country's name to North Macedonia.

Source: Beta

It also affirmed the Macedonian identity with a two-thirds majority, Beta is reporting.

In the 120-seat parliament, 81 MPs voted for accepting the four amendments whereby Macedonia meets its obligations in a deal with Greece to resolve the name dispute. MPs from the opposition VMRO DPMNE did not attend the session.

The amendments will come into effect when Greece ratifies the so-called Prespa Agreement and the protocol of Macedonia's membership in NATO, Speaker Talat Dzaferi said.

The constitutional amendments are part of the agreement with Greece to resolve a decades-long name dispute and is a precondition for Macedonia's Euro-Atlantic integration.

The Macedonian parliament began the process to amend the Constitution on Oct. 19, when 80 MPs supported the government's proposal.

The two-thirds majority was secured with the votes of eight MPs from the opposition VMRO DPMNE, who were then expelled from the party.


"Macedonia is fully prepared for NATO"

On Thursday Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said in Davos that Macedonia was fully prepared to integrate with NATO.

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