Montenegro releases opposition politician from jail

Opposition member of the Montenegrin Assembly Nebojsa Medojevic has been released from prison during the night.

Source: Tanjug

At the same time his colleague from the Democratic Front (DF) Milan Knezevic left the Assembly.

Medojevic was imprison from December 1, when Knezevic decided not leave the building of the Assembly to avoid arrest.

On Wednesday, the Constitutional Court of Montenegro temporarily suspended the decision of the Appellate and Higher Courts on sending Medojevic and Knezevic to jail.

After the decision of the Constitutional Court, DF official Andrija Mandic announced that the fight against the government was worthwhile, adding that it was not necessary to adhere to unconstitutional decisions.

"This is a small victory, but a very important one, because we showed that we can, through resistance, come to solutions that are in the interest of all citizens of Montenegro. We are not giving up on our fight," Mandic told reporters in the Assembly hall.

Medojevic was arrested on the order of the Higher Court in Podgorica, in the case concerning allegations of bribery.


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