CIA "hid reports about massacres committed against Serbs"

A US expert on radical Islam and terrorism says Saudi Arabia had influenced the US to make a document about a massacre against Serbs near Srebrenica disappear.

Source: Tanjug
(Getty Images, file, illustration)
(Getty Images, file, illustration)

Analyst Robert Spencer told Vecernje Novosti daily in an interview - commenting on the newspaper's recent discovery of the role of US intelligence officials in hiding reports about crimes perpetrated against Serbs in Podrinje (along the Drina River), said the Saudi authorities had a huge impact on the state apparatus in Washington.

That's how, he claims, it came to the CIA hiding the real ruth about the events in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) in the 1990s.

Spencer expressed his view that it is possible for the US to change its policy towards BiH, but "only in case of a turning point in relations between America and Saudi Arabia."

He assessed that former US President Bill Clinton "made a catastrophic decision to work with the Muslims during the civil war in the Balkans."

"This decision made it possible to establish a jihadi stronghold, all under the guise of democracy and the right to self-determination. It is not difficult to conclude that President Clinton was influenced by Saudi Arabia in making this decision," Spencer was quoted as saying by the Belgrade-based daily.

Asked whether BiH "can survive as a democratic and multinational state, despite the growing influence of some Middle Eastern countries," the US expert replied, "No."

"Sharia is incompatible with democracy, and in the end, Bosnia will have to decide one way or the other," Spencer said.


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