Police fire warning shots as migrants fight among themselves

A serious physical altercation has taken place in an improvised center for the accommodation of illegal migrants in Bihac, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Source: Tanjug
(EPA-EFE, file, illustration)
(EPA-EFE, file, illustration)

The migrants involved came from several different countries, according to reports on Tuesday.

Police officers who came to intervene and conduct an investigation were also attacked during the unrest that lasted several hours, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP) of the Una-Sana Canton confirmed today. The officers at the scene last night fired warning shots.

MUP spokeswoman Snezana Galic said in a statement carried by Sarajevo-based Dnevni Avaz website that the police came under attack by a large group of migrants on Monday night, when one police vehicle was damaged, Croatia's Hina agency reported.

The target of the attackers was also the security that controls the area of ​​an abandoned student dormitory in Bihac, where migrants are temporarily staying. The reason for the large-scale physical confrontation was the clash between two migrants from Iran on Monday evening, one of whom was seriously injured.

The security then called the police who investigated the scene and left - but they were immediately afterwards informed that an even more serious fight had broken out during the distribution of food, with the security intervening to separate those involved.

Police reinforcements were sent to the improvised camp, and during a new investigation, the officers found that an organized group from Afghanistan had been abusing other migrants on a daily basis.

At the time of the investigation, the Iranians who complained about this, as well as the police officers, came under attack by other migrants who started throwing stones at the police and the security.

The officers were forced to use firearms to protect themselves by firing several warning shots into the air, Galic said.

The Cantonal Prosecutor's Office in Bihac has received a complaint, and the case is being investigated as a criminal offense, while the identification of perpetrators is under way.


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