Macedonia starts talks on joining NATO

Macedonia formally started its NATO membership negotiations on July 25, after it received the invitation at the Alliance's summit in Brussels on July 12.

Source: Beta

A delegation of NATO has arrived in Skopje, headed by the director for European and global affairs, James McKee, to discuss the political, security, defense, financial and political issues within the membership negotiations, with the institutions of Macedonia.

At the joint news conference with Macedonia's national coordinator for NATO, Stevo Pendarovski, McKee said he expected Macedonia to become the 30th member of NATO in approximately a year and a half.

In his words, Macedonia would become a full member of NATO after it had completed all the internal procedures (in connection with the agreement with Greece) and when all the NATO member countries had ratified the decision on its joining.

Pendarovski said he expected the membership negotiations to be completed by the New Year, stressing that the main task of the state and government was to implement the agreement with Greece, which is the main precondition for membership. He said the implementation of the agreement with Greece would not be discussed with the NATO delegation, because Macedonia had to fulfill that task by itself.


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