"There's been no helicopter crash in eastern Bosnia"

The Police Administration in Zvornik announced on Monday that "a helicopter had not crashed in Bratunac - as had been reported earlier."

Source: Beta

According to media reports, there had instead been "a malfunction on the (electric power) transmission lines" in the area.

Earlier on Monday, the locals reported to the police that "at around 12.30 pm, a helicopter crashed in the area of ​​Bratunac in inaccessible terrain."

"After the report, the police, in cooperation with other services that had been engaged, inspected the terrain and found there was no helicopter crashed - but instead that (there was) a malfunctioning on the transmission line," said Zvornik police spokesman Miljan Bobar.

The police "suspect that locals, due to certain sound-light elements, suspected this was about a helicopter coming down."

Ljupco Ilic, the commander of the Bratunac firefighting unit, confirmed that the power line had "discharched" - and that "people thought a helicopter had crashed."

"A helicopter flew over that area and at that moment there was a discharge from the transmission line, so people thought that the helicopter had crashed," Ilic told Banja Luka's Nezavisne Novine newspaper.


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