Croatia worried as "120,000 migrants move toward Bosnia"

After receiving a warning from the Serb Republic (RS) that 120,000 migrants are moving towards BiH, Croatian police have been put on alert.

Source: Jutarnji list
(Getty Images, file, illustration purposes)
(Getty Images, file, illustration purposes)

A means of defense is being sought, Croatian daily Jutarnji List writes.

Namely, Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) is merely on the path of migrants, who, fleeing from their mostly war-affected countries, want to reach the EU. One of their routes goes through BiH, via which they enter Croatia and then Slovenia.

Due to the new influx of migrants seven police administrations along the border with BiH have been put on alert, the newspaper said. An order has been given to implement much stronger surveillance of the border, the article said, noting that additional equipment woould be sent to these units.

The situation in BiH is being monitored as well, from where warnings are coming of up to 120,000 migrants approaching the country. According to the daily, at this time there have been no attempts at a more massive entry of migrants from the direction of BiH - but it is presumed that they are currently examining the border in order to discover the easiest way to cross it.

"If they find a weak point, we will face hundreds of migrants in their attempt to break through the border," a police source with knowledge of the situation is quoted as saying.

Jutarnji List explains that this latest wave of migrants was created after the former Balkan route through Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia was practically closed.

According to official statements made by representatives of Slovenian police, the pressure on this route is extremely high, while there are currently between 50,000 and 60,000 migrants in the area between Greece and Albania, whose sole goal is to reach Western Europe.

There is already chaos in Sarajevo, continues the daily, adding that about 100 migrants enter BiH every day, and that they come from Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Tunisia and other countries. Migrants have built an illegal tent settlement in central Sarajevo, as local authorities do not know how to solve the problem of their accommodation.

Meanwhile, the Croatian government keeps mum, the newspaper said, and recalled that after the meeting of the Visegrad Group on Friday in Greece, Croatia barely mentioned that migrants had been discussed, while Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said the problem was one of the main topics.

In addition, Szijjarto said that "the southern and southeastern borders of the EU are open and helpless, just like three years ago."

"If a new migrant wave continues, it will be a security threat to Europe," he said.

However, Croatia's troubles do not the end here, as another wave of migrants is expected in the country - this time those deported from Austria, which recently adopted a law on foreigners stipulating that every person submitting an asylum application that had entered the EU via a member where the Dublin III Regulation is in force, will be immediately sent back to that country.


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