"Croatia to withdraw ambassador if Serbia responds to ban"

A Croatian newspaper writes on Thursday that Zagreb "consulted its allies" before declaring Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vucic a persona non grata.

Source: B92, Vecernji list
(screen capture, file)
(screen capture, file)

According to Vecernji List, if Serbia responds with a reciprocal measure - Croatia will "reach for a new diplomatic step."

"The only one left to Zagreb, in case the Serbian government declares one of Croatian ministers unwelcome, as is already being speculated, will be the immediate withdrawal of Croatian Ambassador Goran Bakota from Belgrade for consultations," the article said.

It adds that this would mean "a de facto freezing of political relations - but would not mean severing economic and trade ties."

"Although the media speculate that Belgrade will respond by declaring either minister Damir Krsticevic or Toma Medved, or both, unwelcome, Zagreb sees no opportunity to compare the vocabulary and Vulin's statements with the statements of any of the Croatian ministers made about Serbia," the paper said.


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