Thessaloniki mayor: Should Macedonia Airport be renamed?

Mayor Yiannis Boutaris says Thessaloniki should think about changing the name of the Macedonia Airport in that northern Greek town.

Source: B92,
(Getty Images, file, illustration purposes)
(Getty Images, file, illustration purposes)

And the reason are "the tourists who think they have landed in Skopje when they land in Thessaloniki," Macedonian website is reporting on Tuesday.

"I don’t think it should change, but I’m publicly asking to think about it because the name 'Macedonia' has divided the world, it has divided us and everyone loses because of that," Boutaris told Greece's TV Sky.

According to him, the airport could bear the name of the renowned Greek basketball player Nikos Gallis, the only Greek who has been inducted in the US Basketball Hall of Fame.

Boutaris also thinks Greece does not really fear Macedonia, "and Greece's problem is not Skopje, but Ankara and Turkey's growing influence in the region."

He thinks there is a real possibility for the name dispute to be resolved, while "any delay would damage Greece."

"It's better to get 50 percent of something, than 100 percent of nothing. We lost in The Hague, we can't keep the NATO veto," Boutaris said.


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