"Croatia fears Vucic's pragmatism"

A Slovenian newspaper writes on Tuesday that given the low level of Croat-Serb relations, Aleksandar Vucic's visit to Croatia "gives hope."

Source: Tanjug

The daily Dnevnik published the article under the headline, "Miracle - Serbian flags in middle of Zagreb," adding that the Serbian president's swift response to the unexpected invitation from this Croatian counterpart "gives hope that the two countries could find wisdom and courage to start solving problems."

"However, this will be a difficult task, bearing in mind that a large portion of the public in Croatia and Serbia was not in favor of this meeting. Croatia is afraid that Serbian politicians will pretend to be good neighbors for as long as it takes Belgrade to join the EU. Serbia is afraid that Croatian politicians will blackmail it during attempts to resolve sensitive issues, such as the border on the Danube River," the newspaper said.

Tanjug further quoted Slovenia's STA, which cited the article as stating that "what many in Zagreb really fear is Vucic's pragmatism, which is sometimes praised in the West without any criticism."

"But the situation requires at least as much more pragmatism as Vucic is showing - however, it will not be easy in Croatia. Since she has such a neighbor, (Kolinda) Grabar-Kitarovic realized that ignorance should be feigned at least temporarily when it comes to the past. She thinks it's a politically smarter option to be called a traitor, than to continue with the policy of feeling offended, which does not go down well in Brussels."

The article further states that the president of Croatia "on several occasions independently engaged in internal and external issues, including the invitation to Vucic, thus forcing the government to finally face the issue of relations with Serbia."

"Perhaps this time the process will not stop after the first obstacle is encountered," Dnevnik concludes.


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