Ex Croat minister warns against asking for war reparations

Former Croatian Minister for Veterans Fred Matic says there is no point in Croatia asking Serbia to pay war damages during President Aleksandar Vucic's visit.

Source: N1
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The idea has been floated these last days by Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic.

"If we were to seek compensation for the Homeland War (1990s war in Croatia), the Serbs would do it for the Second World War, we would do it for the First World War, and the Serbs would then do it for the Battle of Kosovo," Matic told N1 broadcaster.

He also believes there will be no major protests over the arrival of the Serbian president.

"If the Church and the (most influential ruling party) HDZ do not support it, that will pass to nothing. They will dose it. Everything will come to, 'we're protesting, and he still came'. Then why invite him?," asked Matic.

"Unlike many others (in Croatia)," the broadcaster observed, "Matic does not want to refer to Vucic as a Chetnik." The former minister revealed that he "wouldn't call anyone that - because he does not want anyone to call him an Ustasha."

He also believes that Vucic will pay a courtesy visit to Croatia that will solve nothing - and that while Vucic "should bring to Zagreb information about tmissing persons" - he does not think this will happen.


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