Greeks protest against possible compromise in name dispute

More than 100,000 people protested in downtown Athens on Sunday against a possible Greek compromise in the dispute over the name of Macedonia.

Izvor: B92, Beta

Media outlets carried conflicting reports about the number of protesters, Beta reported.

A statement from the office of Greek PM Alexis Trispras, quoted by ANA, said that "several thousand people" turned out for the protest - thus dashing hopes of organizers who expected "a million people."

Beta quoted AP as reporting that around 700 leftist and anarchist protesters organized "a counterdemonstration nearby, bearing banners calling for Balkan unity."

An earlier protest against any compromise with Skopje that would include the word Macedonia took place on January 21, with over 100,000 protesters attending.

Skopje's dispute with Athens about the name Macedonia, eponymous with Greek's northern province, has been a roadblock to Macedonia's Euro-Atlantic integration for years as Greece considers it a matter of territorial ambitions.


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