Skopje "ready to give up claim to Alexander the Great"

Zoran Zaev said over the weekend he was ready to give up the argument that Macedonia was the only one "entitled to the legacy of Alexander the Great."

Source: Beta, AP
Skopje (Tanjug, file)
Skopje (Tanjug, file)

Beta is reporting this, citing AP, and adding that the Macedonian prime minister said Skopje was ready to do this "in order to settle a 26-year-long dispute with Greece."

"I give up (the claim of) Macedonia as being the sole heir to Alexander. History does not belong only to us, but also to Greece, and many other states," he told Telma TV.

According to AP, "since Macedonia gained independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, it has claimed at least part of the heritage of the most famous ruler of the ancient Macedonia, angering one of its neighbors, Greece, which feels the name 'Macedonia' is veiling expansionist claims against the northern Greek region of Macedonia."

In 2008, Athens vetoed Skopje's membership in NATO.


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