"It's not right to consider Serbia and Montenegro leaders"

Western Balkans leaders sent a message from Budva, Montenegro on Thursday about the unambiguous need for membership in the EU and cooperation on that road.

Izvor: Beta

But also demonstrated different views on the issue of how to approach Brussels and the evaluation of certain results by candidate states, Beta is reporting.

Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that the EU's mentioning of Montenegro and Serbia as leaders in the region "is not right."

"A clear message that the entire region is headed for the EU needs to be sent," Zaev said in Budva at an international conference titled The Challenges on the Road to the EU.

Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic said that all the states in the region "want membership in the EU" and that the region "must send Brussels a clear and unambiguous message that it is ready to meet the EU's key demand a safe (security-wise) and economically stable Western Balkans," the Montenegrin government reported.

"I believe that Montenegro will not wait until 2025 to enter the EU. I believe that it will happen earlier," the Montenegrin prime minister said.

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade Rasim Ljajic said that the countries of the region needed each other.

"We cannot proceed without each other as we will stay in limbo. The Berlin Process is an exceptionally good concept, I would like to see results but there is no realization. Without results these meetings lose their meaning," Ljajic said.


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