"Bosnia could collapse - chance for Serbs and Croats"

Serb-Croat relations in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) are "idyllic" at this moment, journalist Tvrtko Milovic has told Sputnik.

Source: Sputnik

According to him, these relations also depend heavily on the personal connection between the two people's political leaders, Dragan Covic and Milorad Dodik.

According to the journalist, the Serb entity - the Serb Republic (RS) - will be able to declare independence, if the state of BiH as such "collapses" - which he remarked was "not at all impossible."

"Basic apparatuses in BiH do not function properly, it's legal foundations are very unstable, almost 50 percent of the population does not believe in that state. It, therefore, belongs in the ranks of weak states and it is not ruled out that it will collapse as a state, and in that case, a state in that territory can be established by anyone. Not just by the Serbs," said Milovic.

The Croats in Bosnia - who together with the Bosniaks (Muslims) form the country's other entity, the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina (FBiH) - would "have a chance" under this scenario, he added.

"There are countless options and, if something like that happens, it's a chance for the Croats. I say this because it does not seem certain that it will be possible to reach a consensus, some rational, human agreement about the kind of country we want to live in."

Milovic also said that it was "not doable" at the moment to establish a separate Croat entity.

"That entity itself is an articulation of the aspirations of the Croat people for equality. So, we have a state of two entities and three constituent peoples, where one people does not have their own organizational unit that it governs, and of course, a third entity is a form of justice, as the Croats see it. The balance of forces, political, and even military, is such that the Croats cannot have it, because they cannot declare it themselves," he says.

"On the other hand, the Croats are politically in danger of being completely eliminated by the Bosniaks, so the Croats are in a position more to fight for bare survival than to improve their political situation. But a third entity remains as an idea, a cry for justice, and if some things change in geopolitical relations, the Croats will certainly take the opportunity to achieve equality in this way - although my personal opinion is that there is a greater chance of Bosnia-Herzegovina falling apart, so they would be solving their national question in that way," said Milovic.


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