Serbia should be next to join EU, says Hungarian PM

Hungary wants the EU to enlarge and thinks Serbia should be the next country to join, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in Budapest on Wednesday.

Source: Beta
(Getty Images, file)
(Getty Images, file)

Orban was speaking at the opening of the 6th Annual Forum of EU Strategy for the Danube Region, Beta is reporting.

"We want EU's enlargement, for all Danube region countries to become members as soon as possible. Serbia should join first, because its accession would help us use the potential Serbia would give to the EU," he said, according to the report.

Orban then noted that EU's more prosperous members do not want to continue with enlargement.

"When you translate something not wanted in Brussels to 'Brusselian' - then it means 'enlargement fatigue," he said, and added that Hungary was in favor of the EU expanding "because it strengthens Europe and its outer borders, especially when it comes to combating dangers and challenges of modern times."

Orban identified "the new age migrations" as the greatest security threat - one he said was the result not of a coincidence, but of "a premeditated plan."

"We are convinced that there is an idea to create mixed societies on European soil, and to that we are saying, 'no'. We will defend ourselves. First, they probe the safety of our borders, then they send their people, create conflict and parallel societies. This is already taking place," said the Hungarian prime minister.

According to Orban, all nations living in the Danube region are aware of its geostrategic potential, while the region has had the greatest development momentum in Europe since 2012 - "but that is still not enough."

The gathering in Budapest is attended by Serbia's EU Integration Minister Jadranka Joksimovic and Ministry of Energy State Secretary Mirjana Filipovic.


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