Croatia's draft law: Childless families are not families

Croatia is preparing a new law on family that will introduce many new provisions, to which the public has "reacted strongly," Croatian media are reporting.

Source: Jutarnji list,

One of these provisions will strip the right of a family that has no children to be considered a family.

The draft that entered public debate on Wednesday also proposes the same status for families with children being raised by two same-sex persons.

"Although according to the Law on Life Partnership the same sex partner who is not a child's parent has under certain conditions the right to the so-called partnership rights, which are almost equal to parenting rights, the new law is telling them clearly that they are not a family," the daily Jutarnji List is reporting.

According to the newspaper, and the website, "few countries in Europe have legally defined family," while Croatia has now done it "in such a way that unless there are children, there is no family."

This now raises many questions, such as whether children whose parents are deceased and who are raised by their grandparents live in a family, and whether a wife and a husband, whose child has died, are still considered a family.


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