Court to reconsider extradition of G. Albania drone operator

The Croatian Supreme Court has ordered a first-instance court in the town of Dubrovnik to reconsider the decision to extradite Ismail Morina to Serbia.

Source: Tanjug
(StarSport, file)
(StarSport, file)

The decision has been published on the website of the court.

RTS is reporting on Friday that this means the extradition process has been postponed "for an indefinite period of time."

The decision of the Croatian Supreme Court came a few days after Albania asked Croatia not to extradite Morina, an Albanian national, to Serbia, arguing that charges against him were "political" and that his life would be endangered if extradited.

Morina is suspected of operating a drone during a 2014 football game played in Belgrade between Serbia and Albania, that had a flag attached to it showing the map of "ethnic," i.e, Greater Albania - an expansionist project that would have that country include parts of Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, and Montenegro.

The flying of the drone triggered a wave of violence at the stadium, and the match was eventually interrupted.

Last month, reports said that Morina was seeking asylum in Croatia.


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