"Promoters of supposed genocide are doing huge damage"

Miodrag Linta says that "Serb promoters of the supposed (Srebrenica) genocide" are unaware of the enormous damage they are doing to the reconciliation process.

Source: Tanjug
(Getty Images, file)
(Getty Images, file)

"A policy that does not approach all war crimes in the same way, which accuses only one party as the main culprit in a homeland war, and which does not respect all the victims, only produces tensions and mutual distrust and cannot lead to lasting peace and stability in this area," said the head of the Alliance of Serbs from the Region.

According to Linta, opposition LDP leader Cedomir Jovanovic is "at the helm of these promoters" - a politician who has "fully accepted the false thesis coming from Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) politicians, intellectuals and religious dignitaries, as well as from a part of the international community, about genocide of Bosniaks."

"It is absurd to compare the genocide of hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Roma and Jews in the Jasenovac death factory and across the notorious NDH (Independent State of Croatia) in the Second World War, with the crime in Srebrenica," Linta said.

"With that, Jovanovic and his ilk are deeply insulting the descendants and relatives of the numerous Serb victims who were killed in central Podrinje and throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina by the war criminal Naser Oric and the Army of (the Republic of) Bosnia-Herzegovina," the written statement said.

Linta in this way reacted to Jovanovic's statement made on Monday that Srebrenica was "a Serb disgrace and sin" and that he is willing to go there "as often as needed, and bow down to the victims of political insanity."


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