Athens condemns Tirana's Greater Albania provocation

The Greek MFA has condemned the manner in which Albania used redevelopment of the Skenderbeg Square in Tirana to promote "unity of Albanian territories."

Source: RTS

Namely, some of these territories are located in - other countries, RTS is reporting on Tuesday.

The statement, published on the Greek Foreign Ministry's website under the headline, "Foreign Ministry announcement on the irredentist nature of the redevelopment project at a central square in Tirana," said this represents yet another provocation from the Albanian government.

"We condemn the placement, in Tirana's redeveloped central square, of stones from various regions of the Balkans, including from the Greek region of Filiates. These stones, on which their regions of origin are inscribed, constitute a work that symbolizes the 'unity of Albanian territories' and is clearly a state action that cultivates and conceals irredentism," the statement said, and added:

"It is yet another provocation from the Albanian government, which is openly undermining good neighborly relations. This is tangible proof of the central support for irredentist tendencies against the countries bordering Albania, given that the names of regions of various Balkan states are literally etched in stone."

The Greek Foreign Ministry said it "proceeded and is proceeding" to all of the necessary representations, "notifying friends, partners and international organizations with regard to the matter."

"Respecting the election process in our neighboring country, we have not, until today, issued any public announcement that might be misinterpreted as or distorted into interference in the pre-election process," the statement continued.

"This in no way means that we will tolerate conduct that is inconsistent with the European spirit of peaceful coexistence and cooperation and that flagrantly violates the fundamental principle of maintaining good neighborly relations, which is one of the key prerequisites for Tirana's European course. Even today, unfortunately, dangerous and obsolete mindsets of the previous century are undermining the region's progress and prosperity, creating a stone obstacle to Albania's European future," the statement concluded.


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