Macedonian PM-designate presents his program

Zoran Zaev said on Tuesday that his government would be devoted to economic development, strengthening institutions and Euro-Atlantic integrations.

Source: Beta

"Our goal is to start negotiations with the EU in the shortest possible time, as well as membership in NATO," the PM-designate said explaining the government's program to MPs in parliament, asking for their support, Beta reported.

The leader of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia has formed a coalition government with two Albanian parties, the Democratic Union for Integration and the Alliance for Albanians, with which he has the backing of 62 out of 120 MPs.

Zaev said that the new government would work on strengthening Macedonia's unity, which he said would be the country of all its citizens, regardless of ethnicity or religion.

"I will unite, not divide. I will put together, not break apart," Zaev said, saying that Macedonia needed cooperation in all matters that were important to the citizens and state.

The prime minister-designate announced a crackdown on corruption and crime, adding that there would no longer be room for connections and protection.


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