Montenegro to join NATO on June 5

Montenegro should become a member of NATO on June 5 when it submits the documents on joining the alliance in Washington, NATO officials have said.

Source: Beta, AFP

Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic will today attend the NATO summit in Brussels as observer, where US President Donald Trump will participate for the first time.

"I will be there with him when documents on joining the alliance be filed in Washington, where the founding treaty of the organization for military cooperation established in 1949 is kept," Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg said this morning.

The ceremony of accession should take place on June 5, NATO officials said in Brussels. When the Netherlands ratifies the admission of Montenegro as the only of the 28 member countries that have still not done this, which is expected on June 1, Stoltenberg can invite Montenegro in writing to join the North Atlantic contract.

With Montenegro as its member, NATO will control almost the entire Adriatic coast (with the exception of about 24 kilometers of coastline at Neum in Bosnia-Herzegovina), since Albania, Croatia, Italy and Slovenia are already its members, Beta reported, citing AFP.

According to the report, "Moscow said in July" that Montenegro's accession to NATO "reflects the logic of confrontation on the European continent, and establishment of new demarcation lines".


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