"Discrimination against minorities widespread in Croatia"

Discrimination against ethnic minorities and Roma remained widespread, states the latest report on Croatia prepared by Amnesty International.

Source: Tanjug
(Getty Images, file)
(Getty Images, file)

Additionally, Serb returnees face "persisting obstacles to regain their property," the document said, citing UNHCR.

"The number of ethnic minorities employed in public services was below the national targets. Serbs faced significant barriers to employment in both the public and private labor market. The right to use minority languages and script continued to be politicized and unimplemented in some towns," the document said.

"The period of political instability around the turn of the year was accompanied by a surge in nationalist rhetoric and hate speech targeting specific groups, in particular ethnic Serbs, refugees and migrants," the NGO said.

Despite the authorities’ efforts to improve the integration of Roma, Roma continued to face significant barriers to effective access to education, health, housing and employment, Amnesty International's report stated.

As for migrants - "while reception conditions upon arrival in the country remained adequate, the authorities were yet to implement a comprehensive policy to ensure effective long-term social integration of refugees and migrants."


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