Child dies after parents "treat" her lice with insecticide

A five year old child from the village of Besnik near Rozaje, in northeastern Montenegro, has died from etiol poisoning.

Source: Blic

The child passed away at the Podgorica Clinical Center despite the doctors' efforts to save her. The clinic also sought help from the Belgrade-based military clinic VMA and the Institute for Mother and Child in the Serbian capital, the daily Blic is reporting.

The 5-year-old, whose initials are E.M., suffered from a head lice infection and was poisoned when her parents rubbed the insecticide, used in agriculture, into her hair.

The Clinical Center, where the child was admitted several days ago, has informed the authorities of the case and asked for an autopsy to be performed.

The clinic's director, Zorica Kovacevic, also asked the Montenegrin Health Ministry to "react urgently" in order to "stop the phenomenon, notable in northern Montenegro, of treating lice infestations in children with pesticides."

Kovacevic also called for "an urgent start of educational activities at the primary level."


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