Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia "should hold trilateral meeting"

The new chairman of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Presidency, Mladen Ivanic, said Friday it would be good to organize a trilateral meeting.

Source: Tanjug

It would bring together the presidents and prime minister of Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, with the goal of "easing" political relations, Tanjug has reported.

"Such a meeting would be necessary and it would produce exceptionally positive results, not for every individual country, but the region as a whole," Ivanic, who represents Serb, told Tanjug after taking over the eight-month rotating presidency from Bosniak (Muslim) representative Bakir Izetbegovic on Thursday.

Relations between Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina are burdened by the attack on Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic in Srebrenica last year and the cancellation of President Tomislav Nikolic's visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina over the arrest of Srebrenica wartime commander Naser Oric, he said.

"Those two events are a burden for the relations, and were primarily a result of a poor reaction by the Bosniak political elite," he said.


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