Cardinal: Croat entity would have to include RS territory

Croat Catholic Cardinal Vinko Puljic has once again said that he thinks Croats in Bosnia-Herzegovina do not enjoy equality "in the territory of the RS."

Source: Tanjug
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He also said that "a future constitutional redistribution" must also include some of that territory.

The Serb Republic (RS) is one of the two entities in Bosnia, the second being the Muslim-Croat Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina (FBiH).

"If people who created the Dayton (peace agreement) are recognizing that it cannot function, then they must seek some solution," said Puljic, who heads the Catholic Archdiocese of Vrhbosna in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and added:

"I am in favor of creating a sense of security and for everyone to feel protected because we are all equal before the law. If Croatia is now mentioning it, it means that it made a mistake by signing Dayton and must now correct it."

The Catholic cleric also claims that Croats in Bosnia-Herzegovina "have no equality" and therefore, "the question is how to find a mechanism to avoid outvoting in case of a third entity."

"What is now being suggested, not to touch the RS, that is not right," Puljic said, according to media in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

In case a third entity is created, "effectively everything must be corrected," he continued.

"I am not capable of interpreting what 'a third entity' means, but I know that mechanism must be found for every nation to be equally legal before the Constitution and the law. Let jurists think about how to find it," said Puljic.


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