Gendarmerie's ex-commander on hunger strike in Montenegro

Former Serbian Gendarmerie commander Bratislav Dikic, who is currently detained in Montenegro, is on a hunger and thirst strike.

Source: B92, Tanjug, N1
A filel photo of Bratislav Dikic (Tanjug)
A filel photo of Bratislav Dikic (Tanjug)

His lawyer Milan Petrovic said this on Tuesday.

Dikic was arrested on Sunday, ahead of Montenegro's parliamentary elections, along with 19 other Serbian citizens and is accused of creating a criminal organization whose goal was to carry out terrorist attacks on institutions, kill of civilians, and even kidnap of Montenegrin PM Milo Djukanovic.

Dikic's alleged co-conspirator Aleksandar Sindjelic has not been arrested, and according to the Montenegrin police, he is being searched for.

Dikic's lawyer told the N1 broadcaster that his client denied he was guilty of the alleged crimes, and specified that his hunger strike began "from the moment he was arrested."

According to Petrovic, Dikic, who was on Tuesday brought before the Higher Court in Podgorica for questioning, said he was putting himself "at the disposal of the state of Montenegro and was ready to answer all questions, but truly has nothing to do with the charges against him."

The lawyer added that Dikic said that at the time of the arrest he was "on a private visit to Montenegro that had no connection to the elections, or the events that supposedly should have happened."

He said his client was to visit the Ostrog monastery "in order to pray for to be cured from the serious illness that he has, cancer," and that he was not previously acquainted with the other persons now under arrested, "which they also confirmed during the questioning."

Detention has been ordered for Dikic and 13 others, while six of those arrested on Sunday have been released.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Belgrade-based daily Blic reported that Dikic was in fact hired by Montenegro's authorities to "act as a terrorist" and that he was paid EUR 100,000 for this job.

According to the report, the goal was "to polarize the voters and make sure that moderate pro-Montenegrin votes once again went to the (ruling) DPS party."

"Judging by his behavior, his attitude toward everything that he has been charged with, I would not say there is any truth in that," his lawyer said in his reaction to the article, adding: "I think this is completely an insinuation that I would not make any further comment on."


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