RS publisher and journalists Zeljko Kopanja dies

Director and owner of Banja Luka dailies Nezavisne Novine and Glas Srpske, Zeljko Kopanja, passed away on Monday at the age of 62.

Source: Beta

The newspapers announced that Kopanja died of a heart attack in Banja Luka, in the Serb Republic (RS) - the Serb entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Kopanja lost both legs on October 22, 1999 when a bomb planted under his car exploded. That case was never solved.

A letter demanding that he brings "half a million marks" by October 10, 1999, was left on his doorstep on October 6 that year, Beta news agency said in a report about Kopanja's passing.

During the war, he worked as a reporter of the Belgrade-based weekly Telegraf. After the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, he founded the daily Nezavisne Novine, now a majority owner of the newspaper Glas Srpske. The company also runs Radio stations Nes and Castra Nes.

Kopanja was born on October 21, 1954, in Kotor Varos, near Banja Luka. He started his career as a journalists in the town's Glas newspaper, that was later renamed to Glas Srpske.

The details of Kopanja's funeral are yet to be announced.


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