Islamic cleric to Serbs: Recognize Srebrenica as genocide

Husein Kavazovic has said that there would be "no reconciliation in Bosnia-Herzegovina until genocide in Srebrenica is recognized."

Source: Beta

The head of the Islamic Community (IZ) in Bosnia-Herzegovina spoke for the N1 broadcaster, Beta agency reported on Tuesday.

"First a genocide resolution in the UN was prevented. Political forces of Bosnian Serb are impeding the adoption of such a resolution in parliament of Bosnia-Herzegovina. And we're talking about reconciliation," said Kavazovic.

He also "stressed he was convinced there will be no reconciliation until the genocide has been recognized." Asked "what will happen in the future if relations remain as they are now," he replied: "I do not know what will happen in the future, but I know what is happening now."

"We have areas where the Bosnian language is negated, we have areas where Bosniaks (Muslims) are not allowed employment, in every way their life is made difficult. I believe it could happen in Srebrenica. That's what I'm talking about, a creeping ethnic cleansing in the Serb Republic (RS)," Kavazovic said.

Speaking about "the chances for Serb-Bosniak dialogue,", Kavazovic said that Serbs "deny Bosniak identity in the RS and want everything to attributed them, which they do not accept."

"We will have to fight against crimes and genocide, regardless of everything. We have an obligation to fight also against our own criminals," he said.

Asked why he condemned the recent visit of Mladen Ivanic to Serbia, Kavazovic said that he "holds Ivanic in esteem" but that the Serb member of the presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina "picked a very bad time to go to Belgrade."

According to Kavazovic, Ivanic should have instead attended the funeral of 27 Bosniaks killed in Zvornik, while a day before that he should have been in Prijedor for the marking of "White Ribbon Day" dedicated to the suffering of Bosniaks in that town.

"There are many issues between Bosniaks and Serbs. The question of identity, genocide and normal attitude toward people," he added.


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