Bosnia: Teacher injures 6 students in classroom

Six eighth-grade students in an elementary school in Gromiljak, near Kiseljak, Bosnia-Herzegovina, have been lightly injured by their teacher.

Source: Beta

This happened when the man, a Sarajevo resident whose initials are M.B., started "throwing desks around the classroom," the daily Nezavisne Novine is reporting on Friday.

The school's headmaster reported the incident to the police.

The teacher was arrested, and then taken to a hospital in Sarajevo due to "health problems" and has been "kept there for treatment," the local police said, adding that the students had been taken to the Kiseljak healthcare center where the doctors found they suffered light injuries.

The police were at the scene and continue to investigate the incident. The Cantonal Prosecution in Travnik has also been informed about the case.


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