Remains of victims from Bosnian war found in pit near Mostar

"A number" of human remains have been found as exhumation continued in the Radaca Pit, near the town of Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Source: Tanjug

The remains are believed to be of Serb victims, the Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina announced on Thursday.

A statement added that the bodies of the victims from the 1990s war were thrown in the pit and then covered with concrete in order to cover up the crime.

The bones and other remains were found at a depth of about 54 meters, and will be removed and identified through DNA analysis, the prosecution said.

Exhumation continues at the location, while evidence and information gathered so far indicates "a larger number" of victims - "mostly of Serb nationality."

The Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina also said the exhumation work at the site has been ongoing for a while, and has been made difficult due to the extremely inaccessible terrain and the depth of the pit.

Beside the human remains, concrete and explosives devices have also been found.


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