RS police "file report" about Potocari attack on Vucic

The Interior Ministry of the Serb entity (RS) has filed "a report against four known and two unknown persons" in connection with the Potocari incident.

Izvor: Tanjug
(Beta/AP, file)
(Beta/AP, file)

The incident concerns the attack on Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic during last year's Srebrenica commemorations. Vucic was first verbally abused and then attacked with stones.

RS Interior Minister Dragan Lukac made the announcement and added:

"Considering they have done nothing about this issue on the Bosnia-Herzegovina level - the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies and the Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina - we filed the report on April 1."

He made the statement as he was presenting a report on the work of his ministry in 2015, Banja Luka daily Nezavisne Novine is reporting.

Lukac said that the public was not informed about this because the ministry was, in agreement with the Special Prosecution, collecting additional information.


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