Montenegro deports Russian, Japanese Aum Shinrikyo members

Members of the religious sect Aum Shinrikyo who were in Montenegro where they "performed rituals" will be deported on Monday, local media are reporting.

Source: Tanjug

Podgorica-based daily Dnevne Novine writes that this concerns 55 Russian and five Japanese citizens who have been ordered to leave the country by March 28 because they failed to register their stay with Montenegro's authorities.

They arrived on March 15 and checked in to hotels Ramada and Perjanik, located in Podgorica and Danilovgrad, respectively.

By order of the Special Public Prosecutor's Office, the police on Friday brought in and questioned the foreign nationals, most of whom were staying in the Danilovgrad hotel. The police acted after they learned that the hotel was closed for all other guests, and that during their stay, the suspect asked that "all cameras" be turned off.

The persons detained were questioned for several hours in a police station of Podgorica when their mobile phones and laptops were also seized. However, the police afterwards released them and ordered them to leave the country by March 28.

TASS agency carried a Russian Foreign Ministry statement that said the Russian embassy in Montenegro was in constant contact with local authorities, in order to protect the legal rights of the Russians interrogated by the police.

According to them, neither the police nor any of the detained Russian citizens had contacted the embassy.

A spokesman for the Russian embassy told RIA Novosti that "these citizens must leave Montenegro until March 28 - some already have, others will do it today (Monday)."


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