Protesting migrants block Greece-Macedonia border

Around a hundred migrants on Wednesday blocked the Evzonoi border crossing between Greece and Macedonia, on the Greek side of the border.

Source: Beta
(Beta/AP, file, illustration purposes)
(Beta/AP, file, illustration purposes)

Beta agency reported this quoting Macedonia's TV Telma.

According to the television outlet, the migrants want the border opened so they can continue their journey from Greece to other EU countries, via Macedonia.

The refugees that are blocking the border crossing came from the Idomeni camp. They brought children, and placed them in front of police shields.

Another group of refugees from a camp in Polikastro, a few kilometers from the border, blocked the highway Polikastro-Thessaloniki and are only allowing ambulances through.

The Idomeni refugee camp is located about a kilometer from the official border crossing Evzonoi. Over the recent weeks around 14,000 migrants have been stranded there, who mostly do not accept to be transferred to other reception centers but want to continue their journey to the rich countries of Europe.


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