Bosnian Islamic State jihadi "to get one year in jail"

A citizen of Bosnia-Herzegovina who admitted in court to fighting on the side of Islamic State will likely receive a one-year prison sentence.

Source: B92

Regional media are reporting that 23-year-old Emin Hodzic and the Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina had reached a plea bargain.

Hodzic was charged with organizing a criminal group, and admitted fully to being a member of IS in Syria and Iraq "for a certain time period."

The Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina said in a statement that the proposed sentence was "in line with the role of the accused in the execution of the criminal act, and his responsibility for the criminal act he is charged with."

It is also stated that "an increasing number of citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina and family members are reporting illegal departures to, and stay in foreign battlefields of citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina."


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